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ECOWAS Parliament will Ensure Women Issues are Fully Addressed – Speaker Sidie Tunis

By Clement Akoloh The Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Right Honorable Mohamed Sidie Tunis, has given assurance that the West African regional Legislative body would...
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I Saw the Hand of God in my Election as Speaker: from “Sombo” to the World – Bagbin

The events of January 7, 2021, which culminated into that historic election that made me the Speaker of the House of Parliament of the whole of Ghana, are incredible indeed. I saw, I recognized, and I accept the hand of God in that process. And the said hand, guarded the rather rancorous and contumacious process and behavior of the Members of Parliament, and that hand made sure that I emerged victorious.

These were the touching words of Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, when he addressed the people at a thanksgiving service in his hometown in the Nadowli Kaleo constituency, at his birth place in the Sombo village in the Upper West region of Ghana.

“A miracle to many. A miracle which saw families and all Ghanaians in a very vigilant vigil, glued to their television sets that whole night and day. I consider it fitting to celebrate two days of devotion like this. One which I did in Accra, and the other in my birth place Sombo in acknowledgement of those favors and wonders and all the prayers and good wishes of all Ghanaians that night up to early in the morning.

The emotionally charged Speaker, who was struggling to maintain a formal composure in front of the congregation of dignitaries from far and near that had gathered to celebrate his thanksgiving service with him. The thanksgiving mass was meant to mark his successful election as the Speaker of Parliament under very unique circumstances.

While he was still addressing the people, he paused momentarily, as though he had missed a line from his script, raised up his head and fixed his gaze upwards as if he was addressing someone in the ceiling of the building and exclaimed:

“Oh God! Why have you bestowed this heavy responsibility and honour on me? My House as you’ve all seen now, the land of my birth is here in Sombo in the Nadowli Kaleo District in the Upper West Region.

“It is from here that the Lord called me to devote my life in service to my people. I responded to that call and for almost three decades and still counting, I have been a servant of my people. The Lord has expanded the remit of my service to mankind to include the entire country, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

“This is the reason why I deem it fit and proper to come home and to give thanks to my creator and my people on whose votes and confidence and trust, I rode to be where I am today. I also deem it fit and proper to come home to give thanks and praises to my creator for the favors and bountiful blessings I have always received from Him.

“It is not because I am the most intelligent; it is not because I am the most capable; it is not because I am the most experienced; it is just by the grace of the almighty God. And this, I don’t take lightly and I will continue to unceasingly praise Him for what He has done to me.”

The Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban Sumana Kinsford Bagbin, who has spent over three decades of his political life serving his people in Parliament in different capacities such as the Minority Leader, a Majority leader and now as the speaker of Parliament.

Before he became the Speaker, he was the Second Deputy Speaker of the 7th Parliament and the longest serving MP and the only surviving pioneering MPs since the first Parliament of the Fourth Republic which begun in January, 1993. When he decided not to seek re-election in the 2020 election, luck smiled on him and he was elected Speaker.

He is the first Ghanaian Speaker to be elected outside the party of the ruling government and the first Speaker in the Fourth Republic to superintend over a hung parliament of equal number of seats between the two main political parties of 137 seats for the ruling NPP and 137 seats for the opposition NDC, with one independent candidate who has joined the ruling party to form the Majority Group.

Source: Clement Akoloh||

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